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Shop for Night dresses, Robes, Nighties and Nighty Dresses, in Pretty and Practical Styles

Onzaar offers top quality nighty and night dresses for girls to buy at our online shopping store in Pakistan for imported nighties. With a full range of styles and fabrics in our nighties, you can choose from affordable night dresses in cotton and polyester mix to luxury silk nightwear made specifically for you at long established design houses in the UK, USA and Europe.

So whatever the occasion and whatever the need we have stylish and imported nightwear for the women of Pakistan. Whether it is a honeymoon, birthday or anniversary or just something practical for you to wear at bedtime - it is here.

Quality is important to us. So all the nightwear garments on our online shopping store are from UK, USA and European brand names. This means we can be confident in the quality of our nightwear products and we know that they have been ethically produced.

Long Luxury Nightgowns

We have a selection of beautiful long nighties and night dresses here for you to choose from.  All the night dresses available here are sourced from USA, Europe and the UK and include long and glamorous silk satin nightwear with gorgeous French lace detail and sumptuous luxury designer silk nightgowns for occasions when only the best nightwear will do. We also have cotton luxury nightdresses where you will find pretty and practical nighties in pure cotton.

Short Nighties

Variously described as chemise, short nighties or silk slips, this collection is all designer nightwear. All the slips are made from various stylish materials ranging from cotton to silk or silk chiffon and many are decorated with fine French lace. The nice thing about a chemise is it can be a dual purpose garment. Many chemise designs are equally suited to be worn as a night dress or as a petticoat under a day dress. The selection of chemises offered here are all made to the highest standards to ensure that you don’t only look stylish, but you also feel comfortable.

If you are looking for luxury nighty dresses then shop at our online shopping store where we have various designer options.

Choosing the right nighty and the right fabric for your night dress

Transparent Night Dresses

The best way to choose a transparent nighty online is to pay little attention to the picture.  The name of the textile used is generally more useful. Chiffon is one of the most commonly used transparent fabrics, as are georgette, tulle, double georgette and organza. Lace can be quite revealing depending on the pattern, and the sheer appeal of bare skin behind rare black lace cannot be over-stated. Avoid charmeuse and satin when looking for something transparent, but don’t reject silk and cotton, both have transparent versions.

Cotton Night Dresses

Cotton voile and cotton lawn can both be revealing and are by no means opaque. When unprinted, voile is especially revealing. The delicacy of cotton lawn makes it ideal for nightwear undergarments. For day wear lawn garments will need underclothes or a lining, but for a night dress it may be the ideal fabric, especially when lace trimmed.

Often used to create wedding veils, tulle is a soft transparent fabric. Silk tulle is very luxurious and available in a great many colours. Tulle is extremely transparent and can often be left unfinished as the edges do not fray.

Chiffon Nighties

Chiffon is the fabric most often used to make see through nighties and lingerie. Acetate chiffon can be quite harsh, polyester chiffon is practical and washable, and silk chiffon is very luxurious. A certainly won’t want to answer your front door in a chiffon nighty as a single layer of chiffon is very revealing. Chiffon garments are usually more expensive because they take longer to make. Each seam has to be doubled to prevent the fabric from fraying and reducing the lifetime of the garment.

There is one type of chiffon which is a little more subtle, pleasantly transparent rather than glaringly see-through, and this is printed or painted chiffon. The best effect comes from hand-painted silk chiffon; wonderfully sensuous and delightfully subtle, it oozes sex-appeal especially in animal print designs which are so very different from the more common printed satins. Printed chiffon is also ideal for nighties. Depending on the design it can vary from transparent to almost completely opaque, but still soft and feminine.

Georgette Nighties

Georgette is slightly more opaque than chiffon, but also a soft drapey fabric, double georgette is almost opaque, which in some ways makes it the ideal fabric for lingerie. It gives only a hint of the body beneath. Double silk georgette has the most glorious feel. If your aim is to be subtly seductive then this is the fabric for you.


Organza is rarely used in nighties as it a stiff fabric, though still transparent. Quite the opposite of chiffon, organza fabric is still and will stand out from the body, but this can be stunning when designed well.

Most women like to take a subtle approach. For this reason printed silks, cotton lawn and georgette are the best fabrics to choose.