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The Ordinary Skincare in Pakistan

The Ordinary brand is renowned for providing the latest cult beauty and skincare products to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. They have been taking the various international cosmetic sales by storm, selling in many countries across the world. Their popularity has also led to many beauty products lovers in Pakistan wanting to use the Ordinary products. And to fulfil this we have now decided to fulfil customers’ demands by stocking the ordinary products in Pakistan. The demand for the ordinary products has been so overwhelming that the stock quickly runs out and it is normally a race against time to restock the items.

So what makes this skincare range so popular? Well the key is that the company has managed to produce a good range of skincare products at a price that can be afforded by most people. By affordable, we mean that a typical Ordinary product ranges between 2,000 to 3,000 rps, which is pretty good for the quality of the product that you get. The price is good because these products are normally pretty effective for what they are designed to achieve. You only need to look at the reviews across various websites and social media to appreciate that this skincare ranges DOES have a cult type following. The popularity exists because of the variety of the products in the portfolio that are designed to address various skincare issues.

So what are some of the more popular products that you can buy in The Ordinary range? Below, we run through some of the most frequently bought ordinary products that are being regularly being purchased in Pakistan.

   Product Name     Description         

 What Does it Do?  

  How to Use It?               Good To Know         
Lactic Acid The Lactic Acid is normally sold in 2 concentrations; it is normally offered either in 5% or 10% concentrations. The lower 5% concentration is purchased by those whose skin is more on the sensitive side and are looking to build up slowly to ultimately use the 10% concentration Lactic acids typically helps you exfoliate your skin. It can also help improve the texture of skin and smooth out spots and fine lines on your skin. In addition the continuous use of Lactic Acid by The Ordinary can give your skin a glowing look as well as help with photo aging, PIH and provide extra skin hydration. The product typically looks of a yellow colour and is normally fairly comes in a watery in texture. Many people report improved skin and acne appearance after continuous use of this product and this makes it one of the best sellers of The Ordinary range. You can use the The Ordinary Lactic Acid daily, preferably at night. Cleanse and pat dry your face. Apply it immediately after cleansing and before any creams or moisturisers or oils. Get 1 to 3 drops of the Acid and pat all over your face and leave it on the skin without washing. It is always advisable to do a patch test on your upper forearm by applying a drop of the solution and leaving it for 24 hours. If you don’t get skin redness or irritation then you can try using it in your routine. You can also reduce the concentration of Lactic acid by combining it with another like Hyaluronic acid. The Lactic Acid conflicts with Direct acids, antioxidants and peptides so shouldn’t be used together
AHA BHA Peeling Solution

This product is another one on the favourite lists of many buyers who are looking for an affordable solution for their skin problems. The solution normally comes bottled in a red colour.

AHA make an excellent skin exfoliator for stripping out dead skin in a more gentle way and without being too harsh. It will get rid of the dry flaky skin from the skin to help your skin. The AHA BHA peeling solution which is normally applied to the skin and left on for a maximum of 10 minutes. Leaving this on the skin for more than 10 minutes can potentially do more harm than good to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin type. If you have never used the solution before, then a gradual build of the amount of time that you leave it on your skin is advised to ensure that your skin becomes tolerant to the AHA BHA Peeling solution. The BHA of the solution will penetrate the skin to clean up the pores whereas the purpose of AHA is primarily to work on the skin surface. This solution can also work to address any post inflammatory skin hyper pigmentation issues to reduce the spots that may have remained after acne outbreaks on the skin.  A typical skin reaction maybe be a tingly sensation on the skin, but for those with more sensitive skin may experience a more severe “burning” type sensation, in which case you should re-consider the use of this solution. You can use the peeling solution once or twice a week. It is best used in the evenings like a mask. Cleanse your skin and gently massage solution into your skin using circular motions. Leave it on the skin for a maximum of 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. You can apply a moisturiser after washing and drying your face. If you are new to this serum, then do a patch test by applying it on your arm as mentioned here. If you notice redness after 24 hours then this might not be advisable for the face. Note that the ordinary advise that the peeling solution can have conflicts with Niacinamide so it is best not to use these together.  The product also conflicts with direct acids, antioxidants and peptides, so should not be combined together with these
Glycolic Acid

This a skin toner that is designed to do a similar job to other toners on the market like the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner and the two toners contain ingredients that are pretty similar to each other. But what sets the Glycolic Acid apart is the price tag. Like most other products in its range, this toner is very affordable for the budget conscious buyer

Although this toner can be used daily, it is best to use it 2 to 3 times a week, as it can be strong. Do a patch test on your forearms by applying some solution and leaving it for 24 hours to make sure there is no irritation or peeling. Do not use it if your skin is sensitive or it peels.

To apply, cleanse your face and dry it. Put some on a clean cotton pad and gently rub into the face, avoiding the eye contour area and the eyes. Leave it on the skin after and don’t wash it off.
Note that you cannot use this toner at the same time as direct acids, antioxidants or peptides as it has a conflict with them
Hyaluronic Acid This is a rich textured and thick solution offered by The Ordinary again at a pretty affordable price This is a great skin hydrator that helps your skin look fresh and helps it glow. The solution is designed not to only sit on the surface of the skin, but it has smaller molecules to penetrate the skin for improved hydration. It is designed to draw in moisture from the environment onto your skin. However, the biggest drawback with this is that if you are in a very dry climate then and there is no moisture in the atmosphere, the molecules will instead draw out moisture out of the skin. This can conversely lead to your skin drying out. Just exercise some caution when using this product alongside other products as its thick consistency can lead to pealing if used with the wrong product
This acid can be used in the morning and the evening. Cleanse your face and apply Hyaluronic Acid as you would most other moisturisers; simply take 2 to 3 drops of the solution in your palms and massage it evenly into the skin. You can then follow this up with applying a moisturiser to seal it in.
This is a water based serum, so it can be combined with other water based serums like Niacinamide or Buffet
Salicylic Acid

This is another one of the more popular products that has proved to be a hit with many looking for budget skin care solutions.

If your skin is suffering from acne break outs then this cream can come in handy for controlling bumps. It contains a sufficient amount of Salicylic Acid that helps clear the skin pores.

Use this mask once or twice a week. Cleanse and dry your face. Apply the mask on your face (avoiding the eye areas and the contours) and after 10 minutes remove with a damp cloth to remove the majority of the mask and then wash off. It is always better to do a patch test on your face to make sure that there is no irritation to the skin. Repeat the patch test at least 3 days before using the mask. The Salicylic Acid conflicts with Direct acids, antioxidants and peptides, so don’t use these products together

Alpha Arbutin

A medium textured solution that won’t break the bank.

This is used to even out the tone of your skin as well as combat dark skin spots. It will address most types of uneven skin complexion issues This water based serum can be used in the morning or the evening. Cleanse and dry you r skin. Use 1 to 3 drops to pat the solution onto your face. The solution can also be applied only on areas affected by pigmentation without having to apply it all over your face. Once you pat the solution on, leave it on your face. You can also use moisturiser, oil or sunscreen on top of the application


This is one of the most popular The Ordinary range products that it currently being sold in Pakistan. The fact that it contains zinc, has helped this product gain popularity Many use this product to help them control acne break outs. In addition, it can help with achieving an even skin tone and pore sizing. Some people use the product to address skin blemishes. It is also a popular choice for preventing wrinkles and balancing the hydration of skin. Niacinamide is good to make your skin looking healthy and plump due to its ability to hold moisture. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help against rosacea to even out the tone of your skin

You can apply this in the morning and the evening. Spread 2 or 3 drops in your palms and pat the serum into your skin. This is a water based serum, so you can apply it before or after other water based serums.  You can choose to seal the application with your favourite moisturiser or sunscreen (if applying in the morning).


This is a mixture of the various formulations with medium consistency to help improve your skin. Although this is a relatively higher priced products compared to the others in the range, it is still very affordable when compared to similar products on the market. Unlike the other products which have concentration to focus on specific skin issues, the Buffet has a mixture of Pro Biotics, amino acids, peptides, and Humectants. The solution absorbs well into the skin This product is a great hydrant primarily designed to combat skin aging. You only need to use a couple of drops to cover a fair amount of skin on your face. It is great for controlling skin aging improving the overall skin strength

The Buffet is a water based serum that can be applied in combination with other water based serums; so for example it can be used in combination with Hyaluronic Acid. The order of water based serums should generally fall into the following order in your overall skin regiment:

  1. Water based serums
  2. Anhydrous solutions and oils
  3. Suspensions and creams

Which serum you apply first will depend on the skin issue that you are tackling. So for example if you are looking to resolve a skin issue with Hyaluronic Acid, then you should apply that first before applying the buffet. It is advisable not to apply any more than 2 serums at the same time, as any more will inhibit effective penetration of the serums.

The Buffet can be applied in the morning and the evening. To apply The Buffet, make sure that you wash and cleanse your skin properly. You have the choice of using a toner if you wish to do so. But take caution not to use a toner that contains direct acids or vitamin C.  Take about 2 to 3 drops onto the palm of your hand and gently pat the solution in your face or you can gently massage into the face with circular motions. Keep it on the skin without washing it off. You can either incorporate this procedure into your skin routine as described above or simply finish off with a moisturiser
Azelaic Acid

This comes in a suspension form made up of 10% Azelaic acid. It has a silicone type texture normally sold in a tube form.

The Azelaic Acid is a good all round anti-inflammatory product that helps control acne as well as skin conditions like Rosacea. It is a good antioxidant and anti-bacterial which is also good for addressing hyper pigmentation and faded PIH. In addition, it can also be useful for tackling blackhead and whitehead issues as it works around hair follicles.

Retinols by The Ordinary The ordinary offer a range of Retinol products to help improve the skin. The different choices offer a varying degrees of concentration and some Retinols will be suitable for some people over others. It is advised to do further research as to which retinol product is best suited for your type of skin. As with some of the other products in the range, it is always better to start with the milder concentration of the Retinol solution before building up to stronger solutions. The products are typically of a watery texture The Retinol products are used to help improve the appearance of skin and help combat signs of aging by renewing your skin. Some of the other benefits can also include acne scars clearance, a more even skin appearance and tone and unclogging of pores
Rose Hip Seed Oil This oil is normally available across a variety of other brands and not just exclusive to The Ordinary range. The main difference you will see with this oil over others is the fact that the others will be thinner in texture whereas The Ordinary oil can be more on the thicker side. Again the affordability of this brand makes this particular Rose Hip Seed oil more appealing than others. Some people choose to use the oil under their moisturiser to seal in hydration for a fresh look. What does it do? Rose Hip Seed Oil can be really hydrating for the skin to give it the extra glow that is sometimes needed. The oil is a natural source of vitamin A, C and E to provide extra nourishment to the skin. Rose Hip Seed Oil is also good to treat wrinkles, Acne and pigmentation of the skin
Vitamin C Suspension

This comes in a suspension form to give undissolved al ascorbic powder and as such, it will feel similar to applying an exfoliant on your face.

Vitamin C is widely used to help protect your skin from environmental damage as well as a defence against hyper skin pigmentation as well as providing a brighter and youthful looking skin. Some people do experience burning like irritation to the skin. So this should be used if it suitable for your skin type
Caffeine Solution

The caffeine solution is a product designed for use under the eyes

This solution generally helps reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. It helps to plump the skin to give a better look under the eyes

The above is a snapshot of just some of The Ordinary products that have not only proving extremely popular in Pakistan, but also in many other countries. The key attraction of affordability over other similar products has certainly raised this brands profile to new highs.

If you are shopping for The Ordinary, then have a look through our range. We supply 100% authentic brands imported directly from the UK and the USA. So you are guaranteed to get original products delivered to anywhere in Pakistan within a few days