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Imported Womens and Ladies Bras and Undergarmentsin Pakistan

Brassieres, or women's bras as we know them today are a form of undergarments that have been around since the early 20th century. Prior to the 20th century, however, women used undergarments designed to lift, support and separate their bust since as early as 2000 BC. From the 16th century to the 19th century, the corset was the primary ladies undergarment used by women to shape their waist and lift their bust.

In the late 19th century, ladies bras began to replace the corset as the most widely used form of bust support. The first women bras were variations of the corset that split it into a girdle-like restraining device for the lower torso and the top portion into a cup like structure suspended from the shoulder by shoulder straps.

The first ladies bra was created by a 19 year old New York socialite around 1910. The young socialite was large chested and found that the whalebone in her corsets visibly poked out around the plunging neckline of her dresses and from under the fabric. Together with her maid, the socialite fashioned two silk handkerchiefs together with ribbon and cord and quickly caught the attention of her family and friends who requested she make more of the new device. It wasn't until the early 1930s, however, that bras were mass produced on a large commercial scale as a key undergarment.

Modern Day Ladies Bras and Undergarments

Today, the bra industry is a multi-billlion dollar industry that is mainly dominated by large multinational corporations. During the mid to late 20th century, more emphasis was placed on the fashion aspect of bras and undergarments.

Bras have come a long way since their invention and today, many different types of bras exist. Different bras are used for different occasions and serve different purposes.
Browse our wide selection of bras and undergarments to see our standard and plus size bras and undergarments in a variety of colours, types, styles and fabrics to please even the most discriminating buyer.

Different Types Of Women's Bras

There are a variety of different styles and types of bras that are intended for a variety of purposes. Bras can enhance the wearer's curves, provide lift to enhance a bust size, provide support, or even minimize the appearance of breasts.

The brassiere as we know it today made its debut in the early 20th century The bra has come a long way since its creation and today, there are many different types of bras women can choose from to suit any and every occasion and style. Browse the different types of bras on our online store. We also carry plus size bras and plus size undergarments for the full-figured woman.

Push up bras

The push up bra is a fashion bra that creates the appearance of increased cleavage. Push up bras use angled cups that contain padding to push the breasts inwards and upwards towards the centre of the chest. The first push up bra ever made was the ever so popular Wonderbra. This undergarment hit the market by storm in the Western countries when it was released. It gained huge popularity as it enhanced a women’s bust which some women seek to achieve in the Western countries. Since then, the push up bra has now become a standard undergarment in many ladies’ wardrobe in the West.

Plunge bras

The plunge bra allows for lower, increased cleavage and is sometimes known as U-plunge. The shoulder straps on a plunge bra are usually set widely apart and it is designed with angled cups and an open, lowered centre gore. Plunge bras are usually worn with outfits that have a deep or plunging neckline. Unlike push up bras, plunge bras are generally not as heavily padded.

Bandeau bras

The bandeau bra or tube bra is a simple band of stretchy material that is worn across the byst. It is usually strapless and is suitable for small busts. They can sometimes have built in cups but often provide little support or shaping.

Underwire bras

Underwire bras feature a thin semi-circular strip of rigid material to help provide additional support for the breasts. The wire is usually made of either metal or plastic and is sewn into the bra fabric and under each cup.

Strapless bras

Strapless bras rely on an extra wide band for bust support and are typically worn with bare shoulder garments such as strapless dresses and tops. In order to provide breast support without straps, strapless bras have a longer underwire, added padding and can have boning or shaping panels.

Buying Women's Undergarments from Us

When you shop at Onzaar, you can purchase a wide variety of high quality imported undergarments and intimate apparel of various well known brands! We sell famous brand name lingerie from UK and USA from various manufacturers.

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More than just bras

In addition to everyday undergarments, Onzaar also carries an extensive line of elegant chemises, sexy lingerie, playful baby dolls and comfortable sleepwear. We also carry a variety of romantic bridal lingerie for future brides, and for those looking for romantic lingerie for gifts.

To get a better understanding of our lingerie sizes, please review our lingerie sizing chart. It details what is meant by small, medium, large and extra-large for bras, panties, dresses and more.

Exceptional Service Within Pakistan

Our customers appreciate our top-notch customer service and our reputation for genuine and high quality branded lingerie and bras.

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